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*Due to the custom packaging used for this product, refurbished compressors may ship using reclaimed and/or re-purposed shipping materials.

4500 PSI (310 BAR) Max Fill Pressure
Fills a 6.8L (74ci) Carbon Fiber Bottle, 0-4500 PSI in < 1 Hour

  •  Sleek, all-in-one self-contained unit is designed with the PCP airgunner in mind – able to accommodate other HPA sports, as well
  • Easy-to-read digital pressure gauge – displays output pressure in BAR or PSI
  • Pressure gauge acts as the digital control center for auto-stop and auto-purge
    • Adjustable output pressure with auto-shutoff – up to 4500 PSI
    • Automatic purge with adjustable timing increments to suit specific use
  • 3-Stage built-in moisture removal system:
    • Auto-purge forces moisture out of the system
    • Vertical water separator with serviceable internal filter removes moisture from the air stream
    • Replaceable desiccant filter at output ensures dry air is being pumped into your storage tank
  • Liquid-cooled with onboard water tank and heat exchanger
  • Digital temperature gauge displays in familiar degrees Fahrenheit
  • Quick disconnect fitting for use with various types of air storage systems
  • Uses household 110V electrical outlet – no specialized 220V outlet or wiring needed
  • Durable, hammered-texture finish
  • Product Dimensions: 20″W x 18″D x 17″H


HatsanUSA is proud to introduce the new Lightning PCP air compressor. This compressor is the first among Hatsan’s TactAir Systems line of airgun fill products. Lightning fast and packed with unique features, it has been designed specifically with the PCP enthusiast in mind, and is well-suited for other similar applications. Fill time on a 6.8L (74 Cu-In.) carbon fiber bottle from empty to 4500 PSI is under an hour!

One of the more unique features of the Lightning PCP Compressor is its digital pressure gauge with bright red LCD readout. But, this is more than just a fancy electronic gauge. It is also the command center for the compressor’s auto-stop and auto-purge systems. Through the gauge’s menus, you can choose your fill pressure and how often you want the system to auto-purge. The gauge also has the capability to display in either BAR or PSI pressure units.

The Lightning compressor incorporates a 3-stage moisture removal system. The first line of defense in keeping moisture out of your air storage tank, and consequently your airgun, is the automatic purge system. The auto-purge periodically opens a valve during the fill cycle, dumping any accumulated moisture from the system. This function would otherwise have to be performed manually by the operator. The Lightning’s auto-purge, however, is unique in that it also incorporates a one-way valve that prevents pressure loss of the storage tank during filling. The second stage is a vertical moisture trap with internal filter. This removes any particulates and draws out moisture as the pressurized air passes through. The final stage is a desiccant filter that further drops the moisture content immediately before the air is pumped into your storage tank.

This compressor is liquid cooled to keep temperatures down and everything running smoothly. The temperature gauge displays in a more familiar degrees Fahrenheit rather than Celsius. It has an onboard water storage tank and heat exchanger to maintain simplicity of operation and storage, as well as aesthetics! There is no messy external pump and water bucket to keep up with or worry about knocking over. To top it off, the frame and external panels are coated in a rugged hammered texture finish that is both attractive and durable. The Lightning compressor is also covered by HatsanUSA’s 1-year limited warranty.


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Weight 109 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 19 in