Our Refurbishing Process

In the world of retail sales, returns are just part of business. These can be due to shipping damage, cosmetic flaws, product defects, or simply because the buyer changed his/her mind. When retailers accept returns, they have to go somewhere. In an effort to minimize waste and relieve the burden of dealing with returned products from the retailers, HatsanUSA processes all of its returned products in-house.

HatsanUSA’s trained technicians carefully inspect, evaluate, repair (if necessary), and re-test each and every product that is sold as a refurbished item. With the exception of minor cosmetic blemishes, all refurbished airguns and accessories must adhere to the same performance requirements as our new products. However, since the items are no longer “new”, they do not carry the new product price tag.

Not only are we able to offer these refurbished products to consumers at an amazing value, we are also able eliminate large masses of unnecessary waste. We even re-cycle as much product packaging as possible – reducing corrugate, plastic, and polystyrene foam waste and their impacts on our environment.

Here is a brief outline of the process for a typical product destined to become a refurbished item:

  • An airgun is unboxed and carefully checked to ensure it is safe to handle
  • It is then evaluated for any significant or non-repairable damages that would render it unsuitable for refurbishment
  • The next step is to evaluate the airgun for function and performance
  • If there are any damaged, broken, or malfunctioning components, they are repaired or replaced as necessary
  • The airgun is again inspected and tested to verify whether it meets our performance parameters
  • Any necessary adjustments are made, and another test is performed to ensure functionality, power output and accuracy at our 10-yard test range
  • The airgun is re-packaged, recycling as much original packaging materials as possible, and only replacing the necessary pieces

Upon preparation for shipping, each airgun is inspected once more prior to packing into its shipping carton

Due to the nature of the refurbishing process, some small visual defects will likely exist. These blemishes do not in any way affect the performance or usability of the airgun, and are considered to be a normal part of a product that has been handled, repaired, tested, and/or had optics mounted atop it. Any broken, structurally-compromised, or modified components such as stocks, barrels, receivers, triggers, valves, and air reservoirs are immediately replaced to ensure safe operation of each airgun leaving our facility. Our 90-day warranty covers manufacturing defects and workmanship flaws both from the Hatsan factory and the HatsanUSA refurbishing center.