What is a Refurbished Hatsan Airgun?

Refurbished Hatsan Airguns are carefully evaluated to ensure they meet the same high performance standards as our new products, but at a better value to you.

Refurbished airguns may have minor cosmetic blemishes (scratches, dings, chips, etc…), however, they will not have any large gouges, cuts, modifications, or any form of structural damage.

What we check before boxing the gun:

  • Safe and proper function of the gun and components
  • Velocity and accuracy standards are met and recorded
  • All necessary accessories are included

What’s included with each gun:

  • Spring-Action
    • Owner’s manual
    • Refurb check sheet
  • PCP
    • Owner’s manual
    • Refurb check sheet
    • Accessory kit with the following:
      • 2 magazines (more if additional magazines originally came with the new gun)
      • PCP fill probe with additional probe o-rings
      • Degassing cap (if gun has removable air cylinder)

NOTE:  Refurbished airguns DO NOT include scopes, slings, or bipods – although the original packaging may have included one or more of these items.

Our refurbished airguns have a 90-day warranty.  For more information about our warranty policy, please visit our Warranty Page.